Let’s get prepared for 2023 tax season as a small business.  We will do the following for you:

  1. Reconcile and audit your financials for 2022 

  2. Set your business up on QuickBooks

  3. Complete a pre-tax audit with trusted resource to identify areas that need attention before 2023 tax season

  4. A reduced cost to maintain QuickBooks monthly up to 12 months’

We have 7 spots left for 2022!  Make sure to secure your spot with $297 by October 25th!

Our special promotion:

1.  Secure spot @ $297 for the 1st month

2.  2nd & 3rd month $597 to complete audit and reconciliation

3.  4th through 12th month is driven by number of transaction averaging $150 – $350 for the remaining months

Your investment gives you back:

1.  Less worry and stress over your financial condition as a small business

2.  full-service back-office support to reach your 2023 tax goals

3.  A clean slate to build a strong financial statement for 2023. 2024 & 2025!


Membership Level Breakdown