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Shannon, Shannon & Associates, Inc. was birthed out of a need.  The need is to help individuals out of financial crisis. Crisis can take on many forms.  Traditional financial institutions sell products that help promote financial security, but they do not show how to achieve financial security.  Our concept revolves around caring and coaching individuals through a financial setback and implementing strategies that will set individuals with a strong comeback financially.

Nicovanna Shannon


Nicovanna Shannon brings over 10 years of executive level leadership experience. Her credentials include but not limited to holding positions such as Investor Accountant with Colonial Mortgage Company, Area Sales Manager with Belk, Assistant Business Office Manager with CarMax Superstore, plus Co-owner of family business Shannon, Shannon, & Associates, Inc.
Nicovanna received her Undergraduate Business Degree from Auburn University. She went on to receive her MBA in Business Administration from Troy University. Her accomplishments include being inducted into the National Honor Society on the graduate level. After graduating from college, she was selected to be apart of the executive training program with Belk Clothing Store. That is where her executive managerial training began. Within a few years, she advanced into another executive training program with CarMax Superstore. This put her on the fast track to becoming Regional Business Office Manager.
Nicovanna is a proven leader and aspires to be business mentor for future leaders alike in the coming years. For now, she is striving to maximize every opportunity carved out for Shannon, Shannon & Associates, Inc. Her goal is to push Shannon, Shannon & Associates, Inc. to be known as a storehouse for financially retrained individuals that are financially secure, creditworthy, and possess



Who we are

Putting people on the path to financial security.

My mother is the brainchild behind the concept.  Her service to our family and her community by being a great example of making wise choices financially, setting goals, and meeting her goals allowed her to be able to develop strategies that has brought many of our family members and friends out of debt and put them on the path to financial security.  She has done this for the past 30 years. In honor of her service, we streamlined the models of financial healing in to a business concept.

What we do

Equipping individuals to be financially healthy.

April 2006, Shannon, Shannon & Associates, Inc. was incorporated into a business.  Our concept is simple; we focus on a niche of individuals that need a comprehensive program that will equip them to be financially healthy. We provide mentoring services to clients in need of extensive financial guidance.  Our goal is for our clients to become credit worthy and develop positive behaviors concerning finances. 


We provide a mentoring service to clients in need of financial guidance in the following:

We equip you to make wiser decisions about your finances.

Our clients will be equipped to make wiser decisions about their finances. The clients will also be strong enough to teach their significant others how to be credit worthy.  We have a high retention and success margin for our clients. Each client will potentially experience these accomplishments after completing our program:

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Financial Health analysis

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Financial Health analysis

12 to 18-month budget development

Customized financial plan

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Financial Health analysis

12 to 18-month budget development

Customized financial plan

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Spendebt App for debt reduction

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